Friday, April 29, 2016

Spring Flowers

Idaho does spring a lot different than Arizona. There's just random flowers popping out everywhere! I love it, it's beautiful.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Home Trip

ARIZONA I MISS YOU. Last week was the end of my first semester at BYU-Idaho. We do 3 semesters a year, so they are shorter and jam packed. We had a week break between Winter semester and Spring semester, so I got to go home! I drove the 14 hour drive with two of my guy friends. We had our Spotify playlists on full blast, stopped at In-N-Out when we got to Utah (no In-N-Out in Idaho), and watched some movies to fill up the time. They willingly even watched The Last Unicorn with me during 2 of those long hours!

We got home around 3am and I went straight to bed. I woke up and said hi to my family before they took off for school. I was excited to go surprise Cody, but with my luck, he wasn't home so I said hi to the cat and headed back home to take my dad out to lunch for his birthday in Phoenix. I eventually texted Cody a selfie I had taken with his cat to inform him of my close proximity to him, and we planned a date night that night.

I drove to my old college town, about 3 hours away, to visit my old room-mate and aunt Hayley. I had an awesome time getting to eat at my favorite place "Gila Bertos" and swimming at Cluff ponds. The drive was nice and relaxing being able to jam to my Spotify premium and enjoy the Arizona desert.

I had a lot of fun seeing my friends, family, and even getting to see my extended family for a baby blessing, and then for a family dinner before I flew back up here to Idaho. My first time flying alone went pretty good! I found my shuttle bus and survived walking back to my apartment (without a jacket - AZ is hot, ID is freezing) carrying all my bags! I was sad to leave my warm happy state, but excited to dive into Spring semester.


Cat Selfie


'A' Mountain

Taking the kids to school

Dinner with friends
                                                                                   Evie getting her ears pierced for her 10th birthday