About Me

I'm Noelle

I'm basically your typical college student trying to figure out what to do with their future. I'm working on my bachelors degree in Web Design & Development. I love college it's the most fun I've ever had! I also do hair. I love life and I try to be happy always! In my free time you can find me working on endless amounts of homework, eating Thai-food with old friends, or taking my wiener dog on walks. 

Noelle Favs:
-Singing                               -Indie music             -Good morning beautiful texts
-Hot Cheetos                       -Cutting hair             -Cats
-Playing piano/uke/banjo     -Babies                    -Lorde
-Unicorns                             -Macaroons             -Online shopping
-My church                          -Arizona                   -Twitter
-Thai Food                           -Graphic Design      -Alex <3

XOXO Unicorn Noelle

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