Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring Break

It was so good to be home for a couple days! I got to see family and friends and relax from school. Alex picked me up at the airport Thursday night and he took me to get In-N-Out Burger for the first time in 3.5 months! So good. Then the next day I got to go shopping with my mom and go visit Alex's new baby niece (and fam) in Phoenix. On Saturday I hung out with Hayley and Trinity and Alex and we all went and got Carolina's Mexican food in down town Phoenix. That night Alex and I went camping with our group of married friends plus Ross. We borrowed dutch ovens from my grandparents and made enchilada pie, potatoes, and cobbler. Yum! We stayed up late playing poker (no gambling involved) and dancing to some golden throw backs. Sunday I went to Coolidge for our big family dinner and it was great to see everyone, and cut their hair. Hayley and I are both cosmetologists so at all the family get-togethers we cut all the hair. Sunday also marked 6 months that Alex and I have been dating! It's seriously so good to be together again. Then Monday all the Rogers came over to my house for my dad's birthday and to say hi before I left the next day to California with Alex to visit his family. Cali was a lot of fun, Alex took me to an Angel's baseball game and we hung out with his friend Jared, went to the beach, made peanut butter pie, dyed eggs, and watched hours of The Office. After all the fun we had to say goodbye and drive 11 HOURS, with a quick stop in Utah to pick up his lil sis Lilly, to Idaho. We celebrated Easter on Sunday by going to church and laying out on the BYU-I green grass soaking in the spring time sun.

I am super excited for this semester with Alex here, my new classes, being relief society president, living with TWO cats, and new friends. Big blessings coming up in the future. Life is better together.