Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bridal Shower

I had so much fun leaving cold Idaho to spend a week in sunny Arizona. It was a busy week! I had my bridal shower the first day I got home, a job interview, wedding dress shopping, apartment looking, getting ideas for the reception, my best friend's wedding, and trying to see everyone while I was in town.

My bridal shower turned out so good! I am so grateful for all the supportive women in my life. My awesome uncle made me the prettiest cake with macrons (my fav!) and took pictures of the whole event. We had it in my Aunt Darcy's backyard and it was perfect weather. We had a 'Bridal Brunch' theme so we had crepes with different fillings, breakfast casserole, orange juice, chocolate, strawberry, and regular milks.

Anna put together a game where she asked Alex questions about our relationship and had his answers. She asked me the same questions and if our answers were different I had to put a marshmallow in my mouth. I never want to eat a marshmallow again. But it was hilarious.

I was given so many great gifts to start my future home and I am so excited to marry my boy.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Starting the new year off ENGAGED! On Friday 1-5-18 Alex and I went to Saguaro lake where we walked around and watched the sunset over the water. Alex then got down on one knee, saying something about being my boyfriend for long enough (almost 15 months!!!), and asked me to be his wife. I was way too excited to say yes and just started jumping and telling him to put it on my finger. Then we hugged and I got out the yeses. 

We then went and tried Indian food (my first time), and ate some macarons. I was leaving for Idaho Sunday at 6am so we had to plan a lot of stuff before I left, so the weekend flew by. Next thing I knew I was flying away from my fiance, starting our long-distance engagement while I finish up my last semester at BYUI.

I love Alex. I can't wait for May 5th!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Lights

The Mesa AZ LDS Temple is a must to get into the holiday spirit. My boyfriend Alex and I have been twice so far this December. First we went with my family while some were visiting from California, the second time with our friend group that I adopted when I started dating Alex. Both times were great, but I would suggest going on a week day so that it isn't as crowded. The display inside the visitors center is my favorite part, with over 20 nativity scenes from all different countries and cultures. Definitely check it out this Christmas season! #LightTheWorld

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Photoshop Tutorial

Hi guys!

For my Social Media Design class I had to make a tutorial video with my brand, then post it to my social media accounts. This is a video that quickly shows you how to do some easy editing in Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to get rid of acne, increase contrast, and adjust the tones in your photos by watching below!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

AZ Photography

Photography is a very common skill to have in this selfie society. There are so many people who need pictures taken for all kinds of different events. Christmas cards, seniors graduating, nature photography, weddings, maternity, and engagements to name a few of the demanded photoshoots. All you need is a nice camera (Iphones don’t count, though they are getting there), a model, good lighting, and a good location. As an Arizona native, I want to give some recommendations on the prime spots I know of for photoshoots.

Arizona has such a great variety of scenery. Up North there are the beautiful pines and snow, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Painted Desert, and Sedona. Down South we have Saguaro cacti, the Salt River, beautiful city-scapes, unique mountains, and various lakes. All of these things make for awesome backdrops with your subject in focus, or even by themselves as nature photography. Did I mention (biased opinion) we have the best sunsets compared to any other state?

I am native to the southern Arizona Phoenix area, but love exploring my home state any opportunity I get. Even though summer photoshoots are dreadfully hot, AZ makes up for it in the winter with fantastic temperatures. I have made a list of mostly southern areas that I would suggest for the beautiful backgrounds they offer any photoshoot. Thanks for reading and let me know if you found the locations and how your pictures turned out!

1. Park of the Canals 
This desert park has a botanical garden, cactus, and is on the top of a hill so you can see the beautiful mountains in the background on a clear day. It is located in Mesa.

2. Sedona
Not only is the town full of cute shops, everywhere you turn there is beautiful red rock mountains surrounding you. There are plenty of beautiful hikes, creeks, and landscape for beautiful pictures.

3. Mesa LDS Temple
Not only for wedding photography, but the grounds of any LDS temple are always well taken care of. Not to mention the beautiful flowers they contain year round!

4. AZ Lakes
Arizona surprisingly has some beautiful lakes nested in the desert. There is Canyon, Apache, Roosevelt, and Saguaro Lake. And don't forget the salt river!

5. Grand Canyon
One of the 7 wonders of the world, how could The Grand Canyon not be an impressive backdrop?

6. Bonus Location!
Anywhere! These pictures were taken in a neighborhood! Anything can be used with the right angles and editing.

Happy picture taking!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Happy Halloween! Alex and I celebrated our one year anniversary early this month. It is cool starting to have memories of what we were doing this time - a year ago. This year we went and visited Alex's parents in California, and stopped at Knott's Scary Farm while we were there for the weekend. Knott's Berry Farm was one of my favorite places to go growing up. It was so fun to go at night for the spooky version of the park together! Then on Halloween we dressed up as a flight attendant and a pilot. Costume was courtesy of my uncle Chancy who is a real pilot.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sup Fam

You don't realize how old your siblings are getting until you take a family photo and see how much taller they are than you! Anna is a senior and started her first job at Rubio's recently, Alex is a sophomore and on the tackle football team, Evie is in her last year of elementary school, and Heber is in 4th grade! My feet have officially been outgrown by everyone in the family, which really messes up my shoe collection because for a time there I had three different closets to choose from. It is cool to see the dynamic of the family change as we grow up and mature, definitely different from when we were little kids arguing over toys all the time! 

Sedona Road Trip

Over Memorial Day weekend Alex, Jared, Hayley, and I made a last minute Sunday drive up to Sedona. Alex and I love walking around the little tourist town. One day we hope to hike around the gorgeous mountains but that did not happen on this holiday weekend because of the insane traffic. But we had a great time together going through all the gift shops, taking selfies, soaking up the cooler weather, and enjoying our traditional caramel apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Nature really is beautiful. I love my friends and making memories!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Apache Lake Cabin

This is my family cabin on Apache Lake that has been around from my Grandma and Grandpa Great. I remember going up on Easter as a small child and doing egg hunts in the desert, listening to conference on the radio, and building a clubhouses out of tumble weeds. We rebuilt it recently and now it is a lot nicer than the previous one, where the bathroom was an outhouse! It is a lot of fun when the whole family makes a trip together and we get to play with cousins and make memories.

The lake was great this year and I definitely got sunburned. It was just my family, which was a first! We had some small kayaks and swam around, played way too many rounds of scum bucket, and ate a whole bucket of malt balls. On our last day we got hit with a big monsoon rainstorm and the power went out! On our drive back through Tortilla Flats we had to drive through over a foot of water on the road! It was beautiful seeing the waterfalls off of the side running down Fish Creek Hill. We definitely got lucky getting to witness such a pretty storm, and getting home safely through it. We love our family cabin.