Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sup Fam

You don't realize how old your siblings are getting until you take a family photo and see how much taller they are than you! Anna is a senior and started her first job at Rubio's recently, Alex is a sophomore and on the tackle football team, Evie is in her last year of elementary school, and Heber is in 4th grade! My feet have officially been outgrown by everyone in the family, which really messes up my shoe collection because for a time there I had three different closets to choose from. It is cool to see the dynamic of the family change as we grow up and mature, definitely different from when we were little kids arguing over toys all the time! 

Sedona Road Trip

Over Memorial Day weekend Alex, Jared, Hayley, and I made a last minute Sunday drive up to Sedona. Alex and I love walking around the little tourist town. One day we hope to hike around the gorgeous mountains but that did not happen on this holiday weekend because of the insane traffic. But we had a great time together going through all the gift shops, taking selfies, soaking up the cooler weather, and enjoying our traditional caramel apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Nature really is beautiful. I love my friends and making memories!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Apache Lake Cabin

This is my family cabin on Apache Lake that has been around from my Grandma and Grandpa Great. I remember going up on Easter as a small child and doing egg hunts in the desert, listening to conference on the radio, and building a clubhouses out of tumble weeds. We rebuilt it recently and now it is a lot nicer than the previous one, where the bathroom was an outhouse! It is a lot of fun when the whole family makes a trip together and we get to play with cousins and make memories.

The lake was great this year and I definitely got sunburned. It was just my family, which was a first! We had some small kayaks and swam around, played way too many rounds of scum bucket, and ate a whole bucket of malt balls. On our last day we got hit with a big monsoon rainstorm and the power went out! On our drive back through Tortilla Flats we had to drive through over a foot of water on the road! It was beautiful seeing the waterfalls off of the side running down Fish Creek Hill. We definitely got lucky getting to witness such a pretty storm, and getting home safely through it. We love our family cabin.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day USA! This year we watched the fireworks in Menan Idaho. There was a little carnival with lots of food trucks so we enjoyed some raspberry scones and snow cones. We were so close it felt like the fireworks were on top of us. It even got a little chilly as the sun went down. Definitely different than AZ! I am grateful for our country and all the work that has gone into making it. Super fun time with super fun friends.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Idaho Falls Temple

We had the opportunity to participate in the re-dedication of the Idaho Falls LDS Temple. We got to walk through the open house and see the beautifully remodeled inside. We made it a double date with Alex's friends from highschool, and went and got dinner afterwards. I am grateful for the Gospel and temple work here on Earth.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring Break

It was so good to be home for a couple days! I got to see family and friends and relax from school. Alex picked me up at the airport Thursday night and he took me to get In-N-Out Burger for the first time in 3.5 months! So good. Then the next day I got to go shopping with my mom and go visit Alex's new baby niece (and fam) in Phoenix. On Saturday I hung out with Hayley and Trinity and Alex and we all went and got Carolina's Mexican food in down town Phoenix. That night Alex and I went camping with our group of married friends plus Ross. We borrowed dutch ovens from my grandparents and made enchilada pie, potatoes, and cobbler. Yum! We stayed up late playing poker (no gambling involved) and dancing to some golden throw backs. Sunday I went to Coolidge for our big family dinner and it was great to see everyone, and cut their hair. Hayley and I are both cosmetologists so at all the family get-togethers we cut all the hair. Sunday also marked 6 months that Alex and I have been dating! It's seriously so good to be together again. Then Monday all the Rogers came over to my house for my dad's birthday and to say hi before I left the next day to California with Alex to visit his family. Cali was a lot of fun, Alex took me to an Angel's baseball game and we hung out with his friend Jared, went to the beach, made peanut butter pie, dyed eggs, and watched hours of The Office. After all the fun we had to say goodbye and drive 11 HOURS, with a quick stop in Utah to pick up his lil sis Lilly, to Idaho. We celebrated Easter on Sunday by going to church and laying out on the BYU-I green grass soaking in the spring time sun.

I am super excited for this semester with Alex here, my new classes, being relief society president, living with TWO cats, and new friends. Big blessings coming up in the future. Life is better together.

Friday, March 31, 2017

New Goals

School! I changed my major! The upper level engineering courses and math classes from Computer Science have lost my interest and are causing me too much stress. I switched to Web Design & Development. Switching has given me so much relief and I am so excited to hop into it next semester. Wish me luck and see me in the April 2018 BYUI graduating class. I'm stoked.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Ok who loves free things? Bernie Sanders, and everyone else in the world. I always see posts about receiving a whole box of full sized products for free to test out for companies, but every time I have tried to sign up for those awesome deals, I never qualify for anything. So I went out and searched on my own and found some of the most random but useful free samples on the internet, and now I'm going to share them with you! And of course all of these are totally free; no shipping, monthly contract signup, or tax charges. Feel free to check out my pinterest board and follow it to get updated whenever I find something new! I always update pins to "tried" when I actually get the sample in the mail. (*A lot, and I mean A LOT of free samples go quick, so I am sorry if any of these don't exist by the time you find them :( *)

L'oreal always has some kind of a sample. All you do is make an account, pick your skin type or some other random beauty related question, and give them your address and they will send you something! I got the total repair shampoo, conditioner, and ceramide samples. It's enough for about 1.5 shampoos for shorter hair. They also send a 2$ off coupon!

This is a company that makes suits and will gladly send you a free tape measure so you know your exact sizing when ordering. This came in super handy for me with trying to figure out my bra size, waist inches, and skirt lengths. I have to say it's pretty good quality for a freebie!

This is a sample of "Wow Butter", an imitation peanut butter spread - without using peanuts. It comes with two packages and got here within 3 weeks for me after I had requested my sample. Super excited to taste test it!

The "face, body, hands" creme is targeted towards men but I assume works just as well for women! This comes with a little sample of the creme and of course a coupon to get a full sized shaving cream, after shave, of the sampled creme lotion in stores.

This sample came fast! It's a two pack of these nasal strips that supposedly help you breathe when you have a stuffy nose. The other is a bottle with a little mixture that you spray into your nose to relieve your sinuses. I haven't had a stuffy nose yet to try either of them out yet, but hey, free.

This came with a small variety of samples! There is a hand sanitizer, face lotion, shower gel, and body lotion! Lot's to test! They also mail you a 20% off an online purchase coupon to try out the full sizes or anything else they sell.

With online shopping being my new addiction, I hate not knowing my correct sizing on things. These jewelry companies will send you a complimentary ring sizer where you punch out the plastic rings with their labeled sizes, and test to see which on fits your fingers best, or the other is an actual soft plastic ruler you tighten around your finger to see the measured size!

HB-101 Plant Vitalizer! I got this and it's some cute little bottles filled with ingredients that you mix with water then feed to your plants! Only time will tell how good this stuff works for my indoor plant friends, Bernard and Kevin.

Get a free sample pack of all the different types of paper, cards, stickers, brochures, postcards, etc. This isn't a sample you can really do a lot with, but I was in the process of ordering invitations and it was really great to be able to see the paper options in real life so that there wouldn't be any surprises with ordering 500 invites online. This company has some really good priced options if you are looking for any type of business card, wedding invitations, graduation announcements, etc. I use them all the time for my graphic design bulk projects with my clients.

 Click on the link to fill out the form for Kotex to mail you some free pads, liners, or tampons. They give you 4 different choices to pick from. I haven't received them yet to photograph. However I did receive my box of 5 different sized Tena pads of varying absorbance, 3 different Poise pads that came in a cute little purse, and a box of 2 absorbency Depends full underwear pads. The last three samples are for leakage from the bladder, but can easily be used for menstruation purposes as well. And of course they all came with 2$ off coupons!

This yogurt is amazing. They have such a random variety of flavors with some spicy jalapeno with fruit, lemon, blueberry, raspberry, etc. They mail you a coupon and you just bring it in to any grocery store, grab your yogurt, check out with the coupon and it's free! You can send them to your friends too! Everybody gets a yogurt!

Thanks for checking these out! A lot of companies will also mail you free stickers, which I have gotten a lot of! It's always fun getting mail and little presents, and even cooler saving money. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Grandma's Paintings

My grandma is such a talented artist. For Christmas last year I asked her to paint me a piece to lighten up my college apartment. I showed her some pictures to get an idea of the floral design I was imagining, then my idea to do it on three separate canvases, and she out did herself! My grandma is awesome for all the patience, weeks, effort, paint, time, and love put into these. I love the final result and I love my sweet grandma.

Friday, January 20, 2017


How fun is it to start the second week of your crazy semester with the chicken pox?! As a 21 year old?! For the second time in your life?! Not fun! 
My younger brother came down with them about 3 weeks ago. We thought since I had them before (a light case when I was a baby but when we are talking chicken pox you hold onto any thread of hope) that I would be good, and I moved to Idaho again, got settled, got pox.
Man these things itched. One night I didn't sleep because I was so terribly uncomfortable. And I had nothing to fix it! Luckily my roommate Courtney got me some cooling lotion that helped a bit, but when it's itching that bad there's nothing that can help (maybe Morphine or some kind of hard core unconscious knock out drug). And I basically have been in my room for a solid week because I don't want my roommates to have to witness me in this state of blister scab grossness (seriously though, any form of self esteem you have received over your lifetime, pox takes it, rips it, burns it, and smashes it into the ground, because you've got some yucky stuff happening all over your entire body).
My poor long distance boyfriend, working two jobs, listened to me whine constantly for the past six days about how miserable I was, skyped me multiple times throughout his insanely busy long days, mailed me things to help my pox, made me laugh while I was dying, literally told me I'm pretty even with blisters all over my face (it was not pretty FYI), and loved me through the worst of it! I think God messed up somewhere in my paperwork because there's no way I deserve this guy in my life (but shhh don't tell, he's the best I'm keeping him around). 
And of course my parents texted me every day to see how much itchy nasty torture I was going through that day and ask for pictures. I'm not upsetting them anytime soon because those pictures are some serious black mail material. Mom mailed me some good healing cream and oils. If only she could mail me some food, then I would be living the dream.
So many people helped me through this and offered their services, from my roommates just being kind and buying me Popsicle's to cheer me up, to some random priesthood holders I had never met come give me a blessing. It's so cool to see God's hands touching your life through his servants!

10/10 would not recommend getting the chicken pox.