Saturday, August 5, 2017

Apache Lake Cabin

This is my family cabin on Apache Lake that has been around from my Grandma and Grandpa Great. I remember going up on Easter as a small child and doing egg hunts in the desert, listening to conference on the radio, and building a clubhouses out of tumble weeds. We rebuilt it recently and now it is a lot nicer than the previous one, where the bathroom was an outhouse! It is a lot of fun when the whole family makes a trip together and we get to play with cousins and make memories.

The lake was great this year and I definitely got sunburned. It was just my family, which was a first! We had some small kayaks and swam around, played way too many rounds of scum bucket, and ate a whole bucket of malt balls. On our last day we got hit with a big monsoon rainstorm and the power went out! On our drive back through Tortilla Flats we had to drive through over a foot of water on the road! It was beautiful seeing the waterfalls off of the side running down Fish Creek Hill. We definitely got lucky getting to witness such a pretty storm, and getting home safely through it. We love our family cabin.