Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bridal Shower

I had so much fun leaving cold Idaho to spend a week in sunny Arizona. It was a busy week! I had my bridal shower the first day I got home, a job interview, wedding dress shopping, apartment looking, getting ideas for the reception, my best friend's wedding, and trying to see everyone while I was in town.

My bridal shower turned out so good! I am so grateful for all the supportive women in my life. My awesome uncle made me the prettiest cake with macrons (my fav!) and took pictures of the whole event. We had it in my Aunt Darcy's backyard and it was perfect weather. We had a 'Bridal Brunch' theme so we had crepes with different fillings, breakfast casserole, orange juice, chocolate, strawberry, and regular milks.

Anna put together a game where she asked Alex questions about our relationship and had his answers. She asked me the same questions and if our answers were different I had to put a marshmallow in my mouth. I never want to eat a marshmallow again. But it was hilarious.

I was given so many great gifts to start my future home and I am so excited to marry my boy.