Saturday, February 13, 2016

Modern Technology

Isn't it so cool we can keep in touch with our loved ones through technology? My old roomates, from my first year in college, and I had a FIVE-way Skype chat the other day. Tuning in from Mexico, Hawaii, Idaho, and two different cities in AZ! It was super cool to get to be "together" again. My youngest brother was baptised today, and since i'm going to school out of state, I wasn't able to make it home for it! But I got to chat with him a little on skype before the party! Cody skypes me every day and listens to me talk or cry about my stressful life! We do homework together when we are too busy to just sit and have random conversations. Also last but not least, my bff Hailee and I Skype every once in a while to update each other with boy talk. We've been besties since we were little kids and I'm so grateful for her! She keeps me sane. I love my friends! XOXO

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