Sunday, July 17, 2016

Last weeks

It's finals week! This semester has been a lot of ups and downs. Isabel and I were thinking about it yesterday and we have made a lot of new friends who take us to do outdoorsy things. We have gone camping twice, we hiked all over, have gone on at least 5 different river trips, and just got out of the house a lot more this semester. When it's not snowing outside there's so many things to do! Now as we pack up our room to move back home for fall, we realize how much we are going to miss it! Our Spotify jam sessions, running at the gym, combined dinners, Instagram fame, wandering aimlessly around Rexburg, mental breakdowns, trying to figure out life, cats, lipstick colors, and everything else. Spring semester was Fergalicious.

Prepared hikers



Enjoying Spring time

Darby Wind Caves

Serious shoppers

Chill out

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