Saturday, July 23, 2016


My family decided to make a vacation out of the long trip to pick me up from BYU-Idaho at the end of the semester last week. We drove all around Yellowstone National Park on Friday. It was amazing to see raw nature! Here's some pictures I took of our drive around the park!

Family group shot

While driving around the Lower and Upper loops through Wyoming and Montana, we were able to see different wild-life.

Animals spotted: Buffalo, Caribou, Squirrels/Chipmunks, Moose, Tourists, Foxes, Deer, Geese, a Black Bear, and even an Alex!

A rare sighting of an 'Alex' - very vicious
This buffalo was walking down the middle of the road, causing traffic

As we ventured out of the car to view the natural wonders, we all got nice pink sunburns! The sights were worth it. We had a good time driving around for NINE hours because of a wrong turn or two, and were happy to get back to our beds at the end of the night.

Evie at lower falls

Upper falls

Sulfur hot springs

Yellowstone Lake

Old Faithful

Caution: HOT


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