Friday, January 20, 2017

Idaho II

So I'm back up in Idaho after a nice 5 month break of just working, doing hair in Arizona and saving up to come back to school for another semester. It's been a cold adjustment, this winter is definitely a lot colder than the last one. My first week of classes it was in the -15 range. My nose hairs froze!

I have a new apartment with all new roommates (since my last ones all got married or refuse to come back here for another winter) who seem pretty cool so far. There's two sisters from the East Coast, one just got engaged this semester, then there's the other two who are both from the West Coast, and then my room-roommate, Courtney, who is so sweet and from our very own Idaho. 

Since I flew up to school this time (instead of drive through crazy snow for 15 hours) I had to leave so many things at home! Luckily SouthWest let me bring two 50LB checked bags, my carry on, and a personal item all for FREE! Woot! I flew into Salt Lake and had to carry all of those things (by myself - through the snow - in the cold) to the Salt Lake Express shuttle bus to catch my ride up to school. It was a good four hour bus ride that I slept a lot on (6am flight aka 3.5 hours of sleep, can you blame me). Then my old (married) roommate came and helped me with my bags and took me to my apartment, then to Walmart to get groceries ($200 - gone (and I feel like I still have nothing to eat all the time???)). She was a blessing because there was no way I would have been able to walk all my suitcases through the snow to my apartment by myself as originally thought out (#feminism).

And now I'm back in the cold missing my Arizona, enjoying my new scenery, studying hard, and Pinteresting harder.

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