Friday, January 20, 2017


How fun is it to start the second week of your crazy semester with the chicken pox?! As a 21 year old?! For the second time in your life?! Not fun! 
My younger brother came down with them about 3 weeks ago. We thought since I had them before (a light case when I was a baby but when we are talking chicken pox you hold onto any thread of hope) that I would be good, and I moved to Idaho again, got settled, got pox.
Man these things itched. One night I didn't sleep because I was so terribly uncomfortable. And I had nothing to fix it! Luckily my roommate Courtney got me some cooling lotion that helped a bit, but when it's itching that bad there's nothing that can help (maybe Morphine or some kind of hard core unconscious knock out drug). And I basically have been in my room for a solid week because I don't want my roommates to have to witness me in this state of blister scab grossness (seriously though, any form of self esteem you have received over your lifetime, pox takes it, rips it, burns it, and smashes it into the ground, because you've got some yucky stuff happening all over your entire body).
My poor long distance boyfriend, working two jobs, listened to me whine constantly for the past six days about how miserable I was, skyped me multiple times throughout his insanely busy long days, mailed me things to help my pox, made me laugh while I was dying, literally told me I'm pretty even with blisters all over my face (it was not pretty FYI), and loved me through the worst of it! I think God messed up somewhere in my paperwork because there's no way I deserve this guy in my life (but shhh don't tell, he's the best I'm keeping him around). 
And of course my parents texted me every day to see how much itchy nasty torture I was going through that day and ask for pictures. I'm not upsetting them anytime soon because those pictures are some serious black mail material. Mom mailed me some good healing cream and oils. If only she could mail me some food, then I would be living the dream.
So many people helped me through this and offered their services, from my roommates just being kind and buying me Popsicle's to cheer me up, to some random priesthood holders I had never met come give me a blessing. It's so cool to see God's hands touching your life through his servants!

10/10 would not recommend getting the chicken pox.

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